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Bradley Shende

Creative Technologist and Nerd to English Translator

Technology needs to be demystified. And Bradley Shende’s here to do it.


A natural Nerd-to-English translator, Bradley has also worked to build the world he inhabits. Bradley was a pioneer in online and mobile-based content, helping build a mobile platform that was subsequently sold to Research In Motion. He is also an accomplished commentator on emerging technologies, television’s transition to the web, consumer electronics, startups and social media.


Throughout Bradley’s twenty-five years of experience producing TV, digital and multimedia content, this pundit turned-entrepreneur frequently uses his creative expertise to solve complex problems for Fortune 500 Companies.


And the world’s taken notice. Bradley’s carer has made him the proud recipient of five Telly, two Summit Awards, the Coca Cola Living Positively Award, a TEDx Speaker, the 2013 Merging Media Award winner, the 2008 NFF Innovator of the Year Award,  2014 Canadian Screen Academy Nominee, as well as an AMA award.


Bradley produced six seasons of the highly-rated Dave Chalk Connected Show, one of the first shows in North America to offer a Live Streaming component. This success catapulted his career into a perfect marriage of his production and communication skills to become the Executive Producer of ConnectedLife, and to step to the spotlight as host and messenger. After five successful seasons, ConnectedLife has been syndicated by the likes of Global Television, Shaw Media, Discovery’s HowStuffWorks and iTunes, reaching over 50 million viewers.


Widely regarded as one of North America’s definitive technology experts, Bradley has appeared as a panelist on television shows across the continent. He specializes in bringing a fresh, inspiring voice to consumer technology.


Bradley is the Founder and CEO of M2O Digital Agency and Carsurfing. He also serves as an advisor to several Startups and a faculty member and advisor at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.


Today he continues to spread his passion for technology’s influence on our daily lives, inspiring international audiences online, on TV, and in person as a keynote speaker at conferences around the world. His infectious content stimulates the world to embrace a future where technology is understood, accessible… and fun.


Bradley has an ability to explain the complex details of new technology and trends in a manner that makes things sound so simple. He is a strong on his feet in front of a crowd, a TV camera or in a boardroom.

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